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Jewellery Gifts for Children

Giving children the gift of fine jewellery is quickly becoming more and more common. Jewellery helps a child develop and define their personal style. What styles make the best gifts for young boys and girls? Learn more about the history of children and jewellery and the looks they are loving right now.

Gifting jewellery to children has been observed since ancient times. It was custom to give a child the gift of beads or other simple jewellery at birth to ward off evil spirits - with the added benefit of being decorative and meaningful.

Today, it is becoming more and more common to give children jewelry for many different reasons - like a birthday, first communion or confirmation and other milestone moments. Girls and boys of all ages enjoy wearing necklaces, bracelets and earrings, giving them the opportunity to hone in and develop their personal style. Giving children quality jewellery at a young age may help them appreciate the beauty, privilege and responsibility of owning gold or silver styles.

What are the most popular jewellry styles for kids? For girls, necklaces, earrings and bracelets are great choices. Character-themed styles, like those from the Enchanted Disney collection, as well as jewellery in traditional designs like butterflies, flowers and crosses are designs every little girl will adore. For boys, timeless chain necklaces and bracelets are styles they can take through their teens and beyond. And with more and more boys having pierced ears, classic studs and hoop earrings are great gift options as well.

Peoples carries a selection of children's jewellery styles that are perfect for any gifting occasion. Start their jewellery wardrobe while they are young, and the styles they wear today will become their treasures of tomorrow.


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