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Master The Art of Bracelet Stacking

Express your style and personality by creating your own unique bracelet stacks. Whatever your day holds, wearing bracelets in various combinations can make any outfit a little more eye-catching and exciting. Jewellery is meant to be fun, so don’t be afraid to play with your favourite styles to find a look all your own!

Tips To Get Started

The really cool thing about stacking bracelets is that you have the opportunity to show off a variety of styles and designs at one time. The only rule of bracelet stacking is to wear what makes you happy and comfortable. Here are a few tricks to get started:

  • 1. Consider using a set of pre-stacked or coordinated bangles as your base layer.
  • 2. Add in some colour! Mixing your metals is perfectly acceptable.
  • 3. Add your favourite watch into the mix.
  • 4. Vary bracelet widths - like slender bangles with a chunky chain or cuff.
  • 5. Wear what makes you happiest!

May the "rule Odds" Be With You

The ""rule of odds"" is referred to often in the art world, and it can apply to jewellery as well: a bracelet stack composition will be more dynamic if there's an odd number of elements in it.

While your stack can include any number of bracelets, we suggest starting with three to five styles. This amount provides enough variety without being too overwhelming. Consider having a bulkier bracelet at the centre of your stack with slimmer styles on each side, which will bring balance and symmetry to your overall look.

Pass the Workability Test

When stacking your bracelets, it's important to keep your lifestyle in mind. For instance, if you are going to or work somewhere quiet, you wouldn't want to pile on the bangles! And you don't want your bracelet stack to interfere with your ability to do your work. So perform a jingle test to make sure that your stack doesn't make too much noise, and a wrist rest test to make sure you can comfortably use a keyboard or any other tools necessary to your job. Adjust your stack as needed.

The Final Rule? There Are No Rules!

Like any fashion rule, this one is also meant to be broken. When it comes to stacking bracelets wear what feels right to you! Your style may be as minimalist as two or three styles or as maximalist as an armful. The only real 'rule' is to wear bracelet styles that make you feel fabulous. And isn't that what jewellery is all about?

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