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Your Guide to Necklace Lengths

When shopping for necklaces, you will notice there are not only a wide variety of styles, but also a wide variety of lengths to choose from. When shopping online, it can be difficult to visualize how a necklace might look. Our guide will help you find the right necklace length for you.

necklaces lengths guide

Have you wondered how to choose the correct necklace length for your needs? Making sure you choose the right necklace length is an important consideration as it makes a big difference in your overall look.

Necklaces and chains are available in a variety of lengths for men and women. But what looks great on one person may not look right on another. Several factors contribute to the way a necklace or chain looks on you, including your height, face shape, body type and the size of your neck.

Let's take a look at necklace lengths for men and women so you can make an informed decision on the length(s) that may be right for you.

Necklace Lengths for Woman

Women’s necklaces are available in as many styles as there are personalities! With that in mind, we separated chain length into popular categories. While you can use this length chart as a guide, feel free to break the rules from time to time. It’s all about your own personal style!

14-inch necklaces
Often called a choker, this style of necklace generally sits tightly around the neck. Many people are familiar with this length due to the popularity of choker necklaces. For those who want something that sits fairly high up on the neck, this is the best option.

16-inch necklaces
This style of necklace typically sits around the base of a person’s throat. These necklaces are worn near your clavicle.

18-inch necklaces
Necklaces of this length falls on or just below the collarbone. It is also the most common length for necklaces.

20 - 24-inch necklaces
These necklaces generally rest between the collarbone and bust area, depending on length.

28 - 36-inch necklaces
These lengths rest on the bust or one to two inches below the sternum.

36 - 42-inch necklaces
Among the longest necklace lengths, these can be doubled or worn as is to fall just below the center of the bust area. All necklace lengths are appropriate for layering.

Necklace Lengths for Men

While there are fewer length options for men, these common length choices will work with just about any attire.

18-inch necklaces
The smallest men's necklace length, these tend to rest at the base of the neck on a smaller-framed men.

20-inch necklaces
The most common men's necklace length, this style sits at the collarbone area.

22-inch necklaces
This necklace length sits a few inches below the collarbone, making them ideal for pendants.

24-inch necklaces
The longest men's length, this style sits above the sternum area.

What to Wear Right Now

Whatever necklace lengths you choose, remember that layering necklaces for men and for women is one trend we don't see stopping. Play with necklace lengths, widths and styles to create the layered look that speaks to your personal fashion sense and style and you'll never go wrong!

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