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Radiant and regal, citrine takes its name from the French word "citron" meaning "lemon." Citrine is a warm, welcoming and cheerful gem. It is thought to make its wearer lighthearted, bring cheerfulness in tough times and offer hope. It was also believed to help relax people and expel impurities from the body.


Citrine ranges in hue from palest yellow to deepest golden‐orange.

Gem Family

Citrine is a variety of crystalline quartz.


Citrine rates a 7 on the Mohs scale, meaning that while you should take care when wearing it, it is fairly resistant to scratching.


May be heat treated to enhance colour.


Citrine is the traditional birthstone for November.


Store citrine away from other gemstones to keep them from being scratched. To clean citrine, rinse it thoroughly under warm running water and dry with a soft lint‐free cloth. Ultrasonic cleaning is usually safe, while steam cleaners should be avoided.