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Lab-Created Diamonds

Each piece in this collection features brilliant lab-created diamonds. All our lab-created diamonds are independantly certified, designating cut, colour, clarity and carat weight.

  • Independantly Certified
  • 100% Conflict Free
  • Lifetime Diamond Commitment
  • Retail Locations Nationwide
Peoples Diamond Comparison Natural Diamond Lab‑Created Diamond
Is it a diamond? Yes Yes
Primary Chemical Composition Carbon Carbon
Source The Earth A Laboratory
Age 1 to 3 Billion Years Several Weeks to Months
Supply/Rarity Finite and Rare Potentially Unlimited
Independently Certified Yes* Yes*
100% Conflict-Free Yes Yes
Included in the Lifetime Diamond Commitment Yes Yes
Eligible for Trade-In Yes No
Price Comparison $$$ $$
*select styles and carat weights

Lab‑Created Diamond FAQ

While lab-created diamonds exhibit the identical optical, chemical, and physical properties as natural diamonds, the core difference between them is their origin and the time they took to form.

Both lab-created diamonds and natural diamonds vary in their diamond grading. Lab-created diamonds allow you to maximize your budget, typically offering more size for the same cost, while natural diamonds are incredible works of nature and the traditional choice.

Lab-created diamonds are created in a lab using advanced technology. Scientists start with a diamond seed - a small sliver of carbon crystal - then expose it to high temperatures and pressures with a carbon coating as it grows to help the diamond crystalize and grow to a larger rough diamond crystal.

Neither is inherently higher quality, as both lab-created and natural diamonds are available in a range of colour, cut, clarity, and carat weights.

Yes, we provide warranties and service plans for both lab-created and natural diamonds.

Peoples lab-created diamonds are graded to the same standards as our natural diamonds. That means your lab-created diamond will be accompanied by an independent laboratory report detailing its "4 Cs" - cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. If your diamond is mounted into jewelry, it will also be accompanied by an insurance appraisal.

Because lab-created diamonds have the same optical, chemical and physical characteristics as natural diamonds, they cannot be distinguished even with a professional loupe under 10x magnification. That’s why Peoples lab-created diamonds 1/5 carat and larger are inscribed with "lab grown diamond" on the girdle.

Lab-created diamonds have the same optical, chemical and physical properties as natural diamonds. However, because lab-created diamonds can be produced in abundance, they are less expensive and make larger size diamonds more affordable. Their relative abundance may not ensure that the value will hold over time.
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