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Men’s Wedding Jewellery

While some grooms are happy to limit their wedding day jewellery to the wedding band, others are looking for accessories to complement the theme of the day—and their personal style. Peoples has men’s wedding jewellery that any groom will love, and we’re here to help you choose the right looks for your big day.
Men’s Wedding Jewellery

What’s Your Wedding Style?

A wedding theme comes together through the venue, décor, colour scheme, and, of course, the clothes. For the groom, it’s important that he’s comfortable and proud of how he looks. A suit that fits perfectly paired with thoughtful accessories is the groom’s chance to express his own sense of style for his big day. Here are a few ways to approach wedding day jewellery for men.
1. Keep it Simple

1. Keep it Simple

A well-tailored suit should always be the star of the show, but it still calls for a couple of finishing touches to bring the look to the next level. The wedding band will be the most symbolic piece, so think about the style that makes sense for you. Simple and classic, gold or platinum wedding bands are traditional styles that can be made even more meaningful by adding an engraved message on the inside of the shank. Beyond the wedding band, a pair of cufflinks and a tie clip are more than enough to complete your look. For the groom, that’s all about quality over quantity. Keeping it simple with the jewellery is the way to go.
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2. Coordinate with the Bride

2. Coordinate with the Bride

The couple of honour should have a cohesive look, but matching doesn’t necessarily mean identical. Instead, consider how your accessories can work together to tell a story. Wedding bands featuring meaningful engravings can be a subtle way to match your looks for the big day—and beyond. For any other jewellery, consider choosing the same metal as the bride, whether white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or something else entirely. It’s a subtle way to create a connection between the two of you and set the tone for a lifetime together.
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3. Bring Your Personality

3. Bring Your Personality

Keeping your wedding look consistent doesn’t have to mean you’re editing out all your personality. It’s your wedding after all, so don’t be afraid to find creative ways to show your personality. If you like a little flash, a pair of diamond stud earrings or a gold chain can be that extra touch you’re looking for. Your loved ones want to see the real you, so your wedding jewellery and accessories can be the perfect chance to express yourself. If you want to keep it a little more subtle, custom cufflinks are a great way to include a piece of jewellery that is practical as well as stylish. 
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4. Don

4. Don't Forget the Groomsmen

It’s common for the groom to get the groomsmen a gift to say thank you for being a part of the wedding. Consider gifting your wedding party with jewellery for them to wear for the big day. A designer watch engraved with a special message or date is both a practical and meaningful gift that will fit right into any wedding aesthetic. Consider going old school with a classic pocket watch—it's timeless and could become the perfect family heirloom. Beyond the groomsmen gift, give your wedding party a little guidance on their jewellery choices, but also let them have the freedom to make their looks their own.
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Personalizing Your Wedding Day Jewellery

Wedding jewellery for men is generally more subtle and practical, but at the same time, there are opportunities to personalize it in meaningful ways. From engraving your wedding bands to getting customized cufflinks, the personalization options can give you a way to keep a connection to your partner through a busy wedding day. Ultimately, your wedding day jewellery can be anything you choose. The important thing is that it will hold the memories of your special day for a lifetime. 
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Remember, if you need wedding day jewellery advice, you can always contact a trusted Peoples Jewellery Expert by visiting in-store or connecting virtually online. They will help you find the perfect balance between your style and budget.
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