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Stacking Rings: The Trend That Keeps on Trending

The ring stacking trend is here, and we love it! However, stacking rings can be tricky, but don’t worry, we have a few tricks to perfecting this look. Although it may be tempting just to start stacking all the rings in your jewellery box, take a moment to learn some tips for creating a stylish ring stack.

sample rings

Keep it Simple

For that effortless style, start with delicate or dainty rings. These rings are made for stacking and offer a more balanced look. If you are feeling bold, add a statement ring. Be sure to keep the rest of your rings simple and not clutter them all on one finger. Remember, simplicity is key!

the base of your finger and finish the stack with the thinner rings.

Play with Different Shapes

Try pairing colourful stones with fun symbols or thicker rings with thinner rings to achieve that playful yet sophisticated look. Keep in mind when pairing thicker and thinner rings together to place the thicker rings at the base of your finger and finish the stack with the thinner rings.

Mixing matching rings

Mixing and Matching

A stack in all one colour metal is always chic, but if you decide to start mixing metals, a foolproof way to pull off the look is by selecting only two metals. Choose the dominant colour, then incorporate two to three pieces of your second metal colour throughout your stack.

Two hands rings

Don’t Forget the Other Hand

Remember you have two hands, so show them both a little love!

It isn’t necessary to have an equal number of rings on both hands, but it is important to add a few rings to keep a good balance between hands. Also, remember to leave at least one finger bare. Piling on several rings can go from “trendy” to “too much” really quick, so an easy way to avoid going overboard is to stack on only three or four fingers at a time.

Now, on to the fun part—building your stackable collection with great stackable styles from Peoples Jewellers!

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