Exceptionally cut diamonds with impeccable design, exquisite detail and craftsmanship are the cornerstones of every TOLKOWSKY creation. Over 200 years ago, the TOLKOWSKY family dynasty of diamond cutting excellence was born. Today the heritage lives on. Introducing TOLKOWSKY Legacy, a new diamond cut that brilliantly delivers 100 perfectly placed facets for extraordinary sparkle and beauty.

The TOLKOWSKY Legacy Round Diamond

A Unique Star Pattern of Dazzling Proportions
  • Achieves highest possible rating on the Gem Ex Light Performance scale.
  • 100 facets creating a pattern of 10 hearts and 10 arcol-xs-12s.
  • 10-point star pattern visible through the diamond viewer.

The TOLKOWSKY Legacy Princess Diamond

Radiating Brilliance With A Star Design
  • Achieves three very high ratings on the GemEx Light Performance scale.
  • 100 facets.
  • Secret 4-point star pattern visible through the diamond viewer.

Each TOLKOWSKY Legacy Diamond:
  • Comes with a GemEx certificate stating a minimum score of three very high ratings in the measurements of Brilliance, Fire and Sparkle as indicated by the blue bands on the sample report below of a round diamond.
  • Includes a gemological certificate from Gemological Science International (GSI) an independent grading laboratory, certifying you diamond has a minimum SI2 near colorless grading. Your exclusive report will include all the factual information about your diamond including the Carat Weight Clarity, Color and Cut Grade (the 4C's).
  • Is laser inscribed with its unique certification number on the diamonds' girdle.
  • Is cut by a master cutter at TOLKOWSKY.

To view your specific GemEx report visit gemexlive.com and enter your unique certification number.

To view your specific GSI grading report in the GSI Virtual Vault TM visit gemscience.net and click the "Verify Your Report" link. Enter your diamond's Virtual Vault number.

Is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, a special keepsake box and a diamond viewer that will allow you to see the unique pattern of 10 arcol-xs-12s (round diamonds only) and the secret star pattern visible on both the ound and the princess-cut diamonds.

The TOLKOWSKY Legacy is an innovative new diamond from the? TOLKOWSKY family, who is synonymous with unsurpassed excellence in diamond cutting.

Jean-Paul Tolkowsky, seventh generation diamantaire, continues? TOLKOWSKY'S family tradition of diamond cutting perfection.

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