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Women’s Wedding Day Jewellery

Curating your look for your wedding day goes beyond choosing the perfect dress and deciding on the right hair and makeup. Jewellery has a way of bringing it all together and adding a little extra polish. Peoples has jewellery to fit a range of different styles and looks, and we’re here to help you accessorize your big day.
Women’s Wedding Day Jewellery


What’s Your Wedding Style?

If you’ve already picked out your dress, chosen a colour scheme, and booked a venue, then you have a good idea of what your wedding style is already. While no two weddings are exactly the same, there may be a common theme that you’re leaning towards. From soft and romantic to big and bold, wedding day jewellery is meant to enhance your look. Here are a few ideas that fit with the most popular wedding themes.

1. Romantic

A romantic wedding theme is all about soft lighting, delicate floral arrangements, and ethereal accents for a dreamlike vibe. Dresses with lace detailing, soft updos or loose waves, and shimmery makeup bring romance into your look. When it comes to your jewellery, lean toward light and delicate. A bridal necklace that incorporates your partner’s birth flower or name can be a great way to add meaning to your look. Pearls are also a classic choice. Look for a timeless cultured pearl necklace or pair of cultured pearl earrings to keep your wedding photos—and memories—fresh as you look back on your wedding day.
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2. Modern

From monochromatic colour palettes and dramatic flower arrangements to unexpected venues, one thing all modern weddings have in common is that they think outside the box. Bring the same unique glamour to your look by choosing wedding jewellery that complements your style. With all the gemstone jewellery available, choosing a gemstone that matches your colour scheme is easy. Go dramatic with a sapphire bracelet with matching bridal earrings in a drop style, or keep it delicate with a gemstone tennis bracelet. The key to a modern look is being creative—and committing to it from head to toe. 
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3. Minimalist

If you’re planning a minimalist wedding, the key is keeping it simple to direct the focus toward what is important. Neutral and natural colour palettes, foliage-focused bouquets, and understated décor come together to create a relaxed-yet-chic vibe. With a streamlined dress and hairstyle, you’ll want to choose wedding jewellery that doesn’t steal the spotlight. Think dainty white, yellow, or rose gold chains, simple stud earrings, and a delicate hair accessory that enhances your look instead of overwhelming it.   
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4. Bold

There are plenty of ways to go bold with your wedding theme. From elaborate floral arrangements with bursts of colour to ornate fixtures and table décor. If your style revolves around making a statement, bold is the way to go. When it comes to your wedding jewellery, yellow gold and pops of colour can bring drama to your overall look. Depending on the cut of your dress, consider a statement necklace with the colourful gemstones of your choice. For wedding earrings, choose crawlers for something unique and unexpected.  
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Personalize Your Wedding Day Jewellery

If you intend to keep your wedding day jewellery for years to come, why not make it extra special with a custom piece? From personalized engravings to picking out gemstones that mean something to you, there are plenty of ways to personalize your jewellery while sticking to the overall theme of your wedding. Keep it subtle and personal by adding an engraving to your wedding bands, or create a whole new piece like a charm bracelet you can add to as you build your lives together. No matter what you pick, it will hold the memories of your special day for a lifetime.  
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Remember, if you need wedding day jewellery advice, you can always contact a trusted Peoples Jewellery Expert by visiting in-store or connecting virtually online. They will help you find the perfect jewellery for your big day!
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