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Our Exclusive Diamond

Discover the Celebration Infinite Canadian Diamond, cut with 185 facets for breathtaking sparkle.
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185 Facets

Celebration Infinite Canadian Diamonds feature 185 facets—three times more than traditional brilliant-cut diamonds—creating more points of reflection for a stunning display of sparkle.

Breathtaking Sparkle

Celebration Infinite Canadian Diamonds are expertly cut to reveal breathtaking sparkle, and are rated "excellent" in all three components of light performance: brilliance, fire, and scintillation. 

Canadian Diamond

The Celebration Infinite engagement ring collection features Canadian certified diamond centre stones in round, pear, oval, or cushion, set in white or yellow 14K gold. Available exclusively at Peoples. 

The Celebration Canadian Diamond Collection

Certified Canadian diamonds expertly cut for
excellent light performance.

Cut to ideal proportions and angles to brilliantly enhance sparkle and shine.


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Features 185 facets, three times more than traditional brilliant-cut diamonds, for breathtaking sparkle.  

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Cut to exacting specifications with 100 perfectly placed facets. 

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