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Choosing the Right Gold Colour for You

Jewelry Care

Gold Colours for Different Undertones

Finding Your Undertone

  • Warm Undertones
    Warm Undertones
    Greenish-hued veins signal warm undertone
  • Cool Undertones
    Cool Undertones
    Blue or purple-coloured veins point to cool undertones
  • Neutral Undertones
    Neutral Undertones
    Seemingly colourless or invisible veins suggest neutral undertones

Got Your Undertone? Find Your Gold Colour!

Once you’ve discovered your skin’s undertones, choosing the colour of gold that complements it best is easy.
  • Warm Undertones = Warm Yellow Gold
    Warm Undertones = Warm Yellow Gold
    Embrace your earthy undertones and yellow gold will look amazing on you! Yellow gold is experiencing a renaissance right now.
  • Cool Undertones = Cool White Gold
    Cool Undertones = Cool White Gold
    White gold suits cool skin tones best by flattering those pink and bluish undertones. It also pairs well with vibrant, cool-hued gemstones like amethyst, blue sapphire and garnet.
  • Shop Rose Gold Styles
    Neutral Undertones = Blush Rose Gold
    With its versatility in complementing both warm and cool undertones, rose gold is a great choice for anyone. The soft blush-pink hue beautifully complements any skin tone.

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