Diamond Advisor

Diamonds come in many different sizes and many different shapes. The shape, or cut, of your diamond, is a way to beautifully represent your personality. Do you prefer the classic, timeless elegance of a traditional round-cut diamond? The sleek sophistication of an emerald-cut diamond? The vintage romance of the pear-cut diamond? We'll explore these and other diamonds cuts, their history and what to look for in each of these articles. Discover the diamond cut that brilliantly reflects your taste and style at Peoples today.

  • Emerald-Cut Diamonds
  • Radiant-Cut Diamonds
  • Pear-Cut Diamonds
  • Heart-Cut Diamonds
  • Cushion-Cut Diamonds
  • Oval-Cut Diamonds
  • Princess-Cut Diamonds
  • Marquise-Cut Diamonds
  • Round-Cut Diamonds