How To Get More From Your Engagement Ring Budget

You’ve found the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, and, after careful consideration, you’ve decided on the amount you want to spend on an engagement ring. Once you have established a budget, take time to explore all the engagement ring options that may be available in your price range. There are different ways to take your engagement ring dollars further and still find a beautiful ring. Here are some simple choices you can make to maximize your engagement ring budget.

Choose Gold Over Platinum

Platinum has been the traditional metal for engagement and wedding rings for a long time – and for good reason. It’s beautiful, its durable and its relatively rare. It’s also expensive.

You can take your engagement ring dollars further by choosing a gold ring. Gold is available in 10K, 14K and 18K, with 14K being the most popular choice. And, unlike platinum, gold is available in a selection of colours designed to complement the diamond and the bride’s personal preference.

White gold is a favorite choice for an engagement ring. Its bright white colour offers the look of platinum and makes any diamond appear brighter and whiter. Compared to platinum, white gold is an elegant and affordable option for an engagement ring.

Yellow gold is the classic choice for an engagement ring. If your diamond has a little colour to it, yellow gold makes it appear brighter. Additionally, gold is naturally yellow, so these engagement ring styles will never need replating.

Rose gold is a trendier choice. Rose gold is yellow gold alloyed with copper, creating a lovely blush-pink hue. Rose gold is romantic, elegant and perfect used in a vintage-inspired engagement ring design.

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Ring With Multiple Smaller Diamonds

A solitaire a classic engagement ring choice, however they can be expensive. You can get a lot more sparkle for your engagement ring budget by choosing a style that adds smaller diamonds into the mix. For instance:

A halo ring style features a halo or frame of smaller accent diamonds that surround the centre stone, making it appear larger. Double or triple-framed rings add even more sparkle and can doubly enhance a small centre stone.

A composite or multi-stone ring features a collection of smaller diamonds set closely together, giving the appearance of a larger centre stone. Composites can be set in many shapes, including round, square, marquise and more.

Side accent diamonds or a diamond-lined twist or split shank draws the eye to the entire ring, not only the centre stone. A diamond-lined shank is a great way to add sparkle without sacrificing style.

Remember that diamond prices increase with the size of the stone. Adding mulitple smaller stones to the engagement ring style increases sparkle and may lower the overall cost.

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Choose a Fancy-Shaped Diamond Centre Stone

Retail research indicates that over 75% of all engagement ring purchases feature a round diamond centre stone, with the princess cut following behind. A fancy-shaped diamond can cost 20-40% less than an ideal-cut round diamond. Look at rings with unique cuts, like cushion, oval or marquise. Aside from being uniquely shaped, these diamond cuts may just be a better fit for your fiancée-to-be's personality!

Additionally, like round diamonds, fancy-shaped stones may be set in halos or composites, further maximizing your engagement ring dollar.

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Choose a Coloured Gemstone Ring

An engagement ring is personal, sentimental and meaningful for both the giver and recipient. However, there are many women who would prefer a colourful gemstone engagement ring over a traditional diamond style. The gemstone bridal trend continues to be popular today, and these vibrant gemstones may be the reason why:

Sapphire engagement rings have been popular since Princess Diana chose one as her ring. Sapphires are hard and durable – second only to diamonds - as well as available in a rainbow of colours, like traditional blue and modern pink. Their colour and strength make them a great choice for an engagement ring.

Blush-pink morganite is an up-and coming gemstone that’s being seen more and more often centred in an engagement ring. This romantic coloured gemstone is lovely paired with diamonds and set in rose gold.

Brilliant green emerald is another gemstone that’s perfect for an engagement rings. Emeralds have similar properties to diamonds and the rich green colour draws the eye.

Almost any gemstone can make a beautiful engagement ring, however, softer stones like opal and pearl, should be avoided. They are easily scratched or injured. Does she love her birthstone? Birthstone gemstones, including ruby, aquamarine and citrine, make stunning engagement rings and are readily affordable.

So, don’t feel that you have to purchase a diamond engagement ring. The meaning and love are the most important – the ring is merely a symbol. And a gemstone engagement ring is a fantastic way to extend your engagement ring dollars.

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Choose a Bridal Set

A bridal set is a beautiful and thoughtful way to both maximize your engagement ring budget and get a beautifully coordinated wedding ensemble.

Instead of purchasing a diamond engagement ring and a wedding band separately, a bridal set perfectly combines the two. Bridal sets range from simple and delicate styles to elaborate multi-carat designs that will truly take her breath away.

Bridal sets are a great advantage for those couples starting their lives together on a budget. Select bridal sets are available in sterling silver, which makes this choice even more affordable, however, rose, yellow and white gold styles are the traditional choice.

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Above All, Choose Love

Whatever amount you decide to spend, the knowledgeable jewellery consultants at Peoples will help you find the engagement ring perfect for the one you love. They will work with you to maximize your budget and help you get the most for your engagement ring dollars. Don’t forget that you may qualify for special financing offers with the Peoples Jewellers Credit Card as well!

We invite you to stop by your local Peoples Jewellers retail store and speak to a jewellery consultant about your engagement ring or other fine jewellery needs.