Summer 2019 Jewellery Trends

Heat up your summer wardrobe with the hottest jewellery trends! We’ve scoured the runways, fashion mags and influencer blogs to find the latest and greatest jewellery looks for summer 2019. Get inspired by these trends and heat up the summer with these fabulous styles!

Written In The Stars: Celestial Jewellery

Stars, moons and everything celestial are trending right now. Play into this trend by layering star and moon pieces into your daily look.

This sweet necklace from our Rea Aura Collection features a diamond-lined crescent moon against a field of twinkling diamond stars. Wouldn’t this look lovely layered with some simple chains? Pair that with the coordinating signet ring and this dainty eight-point star ring, and you've got a look perfect for that rooftop date.

Star and moon necklaces in various metals, many with sparkling diamonds or colorful gemstones, are some of our favorites. They bring a touch of whimsy to any look. It’s summer – why be serious?

Celestial earrings bring out-of-this-world attention to any outfit. There are lots of great styles in our collection, but these lab-created sapphire crescent moon crawlers are high on our must-have lists.

Whether you choose a ring, necklace, earrings or even this cute customizable moon and stars bolo bracelet (from among many others), you’re sure to find a look that makes you starry-eyed in our Celestial Collection!

It’s Raining Sparkle: Drip-Drop Earrings

While hoops and studs have been hot for a while, the newest earring trend is drip-drop styles – also called drops or dangles.

The objective is to add sparkle and movement to the ear, and of course, Peoples has got the looks for you. We are absolutely loving these elongated diamond pear drops in the seasons trendiest metal – rose gold. Pair these with some simple studs or a pair of gold hoops in your second piercing for an eye-catching look.

How about a combination of trends? Both these dramatic diamond leaf drops and these triple flower drops marry the drip-drop trend with the Floral and Garden trend for a totally of-the-minute look.

Dripping drops of sparkle are available in color too! These morganite and diamond drops add a dash of soft blush pink, or choose these sapphire drops if you’re in the mood for something blue.

Want to go a little subtler? Simply subtract the diamonds or gemstones and go with basic gold. We love these Made In Italy striped bar drops and these open marquise drops, both in elegant 14K gold.

This trend is all about bringing something extra to your look. Explore the entire Drip Drop Collection to find the look that’s right for you.

Yellow Gold: Bold and Bright or Dainty and Feminine

Summer means sun – bright, golden and shining. One of the hottest trends we are seeing is sunny yellow gold – both in bigger, bolder styles and in more delicate, feminine looks. Basically, if it’s yellow gold, you’re good to go!

When it comes to gold necklaces, more is definitely better. Link in and layer up with this bold Made In Italy herringbone chain. Pair it with some longer styles adorned with some meaningful charms or drops. Or simply wear this flirty five strand necklace and all your layering is done for you!

Stack those gold bracelets on your wrists and head to the beach – or to brunch! The stacking trend isn’t going anywhere, so pile them on. We love this darling bypass bar bolo bracelet. It pairs beautifully with this Made In Italy twist bangle or any of the other bangles and bracelets in the collection. Just pick your faves and wear them all.

For your fingers, one gold ring is never enough! A gold ring on every finger is an up-and-coming trend, while stacking multiple rings together is a look we’re seeing more and more often. Consider wearing this eye-catching cut-out dome ring on your pointer finger. Or make a statement with this darling “love” ring atop a stack of slender bands. With styles ranging from sassy to sweet, you’re sure to find more than one yellow gold ring to love.

Don’t forget about your ears! Simple gold hoops in varying sizes look great in your first and second piercings, or pair some hoops with a pair of bold fashion studs like these darling diamond-cut buttons or these sleek ball studs.

Warm weather fashions and sunny yellow gold are the perfect combination for summer. Find a new yellow gold favorite (or two – or more!) in our collection today.

The Comeback Kids: Ankle Bracelets

Some call them anklets, some call them ankle bracelets. But whatever you call them, they are back and cool for the summer.

As trend-watchers will tell you, ankle bracelets have tried to make a comeback for years. All the cool 90’s trends are trying - like chokers and bejeweled hair clips - but the ankle bracelet is truly back and better than ever.

Anklets aren’t just popular as beachwear, they have totally gone mainstream. You’ll see models wearing ankle bracelets on the runway, and business people sporting them in the office. Ankle bracelets, like earrings are a great way to let your personality shine.

Just like necklace and rings, wearing more than one ankle bracelet is a trendy way to shine. Pair one or two simple chain styles with a dangle version – like this super-cute feather drop style - or a station anklet for an updated look. Mix your colors and metals too – sterling silver, white gold, rose and yellow gold all look fabulous together, while diamond and gemstone anklets will add a bright pop of sparkle and color to your attire.

At Peoples, you’ll find a great selection of ankle bracelets in silver and all the colors of gold, starting at around $100.

Warm weather fashions and sunny yellow gold are the perfect combination for summer. Find a new yellow gold favorite (or two – or more!) in our collection today.

Organically Elegant: Floral and Garden-Themed Jewellery

Florals for spring and summer aren’t usually ground-breaking - these seasons are literally made for greenery and bright color. But floral and garden-themed jewellery is having a BIG moment right now. And you know Peoples has you covered.

Flower and garden jewellery was all over the runway for summer 2019. Detailed metalwork makes these designs interesting, while sparkling diamonds and colourful gemstones means they can’t be missed. From simple flower-shaped diamond stud earrings (like these) to divine vine-adorned bolos to gorgeous flower-shaped gemstone cocktail rings, everything garden is in the green.

When it comes to floral-themed jewellery, we just can’t get enough. For the ears, for the neckline, for the wrists and for the fingers, summer is a great time to show off all your feminine floral designs. Of course, laying and stacking with simpler chains, bands and bracelets takes the floral trend to another brilliant level, so don’t be afraid to pair your flowers with other great styles in your jewellery wardrobe. Explore the entire garden of floral-themed styles at Peoples Jewellers today.

Peoples Has The Trends

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