Celebrating Her First Mother’s Day In Style

Her first Mother’s Day is a significant milestone moment! And while Peoples may not be able to provide babysitting services or a couple hours of extra sleep, you can count on us to help make her first Mother’s Day extra special. These thoughtful first Mother’s Day gift ideas are perfect for new Moms everywhere – and will surely give her a first Mother's Day to remember.

First Mother’s Day Gift Idea #1: A Personalized Mother’s Ring

Celebrate her very first Mother’s Day with a personalized Mother’s ring. You might be thinking: A Mother’s ring? That’s kind of old fashioned, isn’t it? We say yes to the ring and today’s styles are definitely not old-fashioned!

Mother’s rings today are created with unique, fashion-forward designs. Sure, in our collection you’ll find traditional styles with birthstones and engraving, but you’ll also find sophisticated stackable styles and even styles with darling little baby feet! If a midi ring is her style, you can customize one at Peoples.

Don’t worry if a ring is not her thing! A sweet Mother’s necklace or Mother’s bracelet may be more her style. Each of these styles can also be customized with her birthstone, your birthstone and baby’s birthstone gemstones. Many styles may also be engraved with names or significant dates. Any of these customizable jewellery designs is sure to make her first Mother’s Day extra special.

You can view and shop our complete collection of personalized jewelry online at PeoplesJewellers.com, or visit your local Peoples retail store to order.

First Mother’s Day Gift Idea #2: Custom Mama and Baby Name Necklaces

Content A unique and thoughtful way to celebrate her first Mother’s Day is with custom mother and child name necklaces. Name necklaces are a great way to not only show some love and pride, but they are also layerable, which is a trend that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Both Mom’s name (or Mama, if you prefer) and child’s name can be sculpted in any number of different fonts or engraved on a bar or tag-style design. Many necklaces in this collection include birthstone drops or dangles, adding an extra personal touch. For her first Mother’s Day, and with additional children, name necklaces are a thoughtful and meaningful first Mother’s Day gift idea.

If a name necklace isn’t new Mom’s thing, a design from our collection of styles featuring mothers and children might be. Our Motherly Love styles beautifully represent the love between a mother and her child. These necklaces, rings and bracelets are a beautiful way to celebrate her first Mother’s Day and are a unique and thoughtful gift idea.

First Mother’s Day Gift Idea #3: Birthstone Bracelet

Here’s a great first Mother’s Day gift idea that Mom can turn to anytime – fashion bracelets set with her birthstone and another with the child’s birthstone. While People’s carries customizable mother and family birthstone bracelets, another great gift idea is to purchase single fashion bracelets, each set with birthstone gemstones. The layering bracelet trend has been around for a while, and this is a great way for the first time Mom to show off her love for her child in a less obvious but super fashionable way.

Birthstone gemstone styles have meaning and significance behind them. For instance, the January’s regal red garnet gemstone symbolizes friendship, loyalty and devotion, while May’s vivid green emerald gemstone stands for loyalty, faithfulness and love. Mom can wear her birthstone gemstone bracelet along with baby’s birthstone bracelet and layer in other styles as she wishes.

Remember, birthstone gemstones are set in all types of jewellery, including rings, necklaces and earrings. If a birthstone bracelet isn’t her style, another selection from our Birthstone Collection just may be the way to make her first Mother’s Day extra special.

First Mother’s Day Gift Idea #4: A Princess-Perfect Disney Style

There isn’t a Mom anywhere that doesn’t want to feel like a princess. To celebrate her first Mother’s Day, a gift from the Enchanted Disney Collection will win her heart. She might enjoy a gift inspired by one of the classic Disney princesses, like Cinderella, Snow White or Belle, or perhaps a newer Princess like Elsa or Jasmine.

This inspired collection showcases all kinds of great first Mother’s Day gift ideas. You might dazzle mom with a carriage-shaped fashion ring reminiscent of Cinderella or a genie’s lamp-shaped pendant inspired by Jasmine. But then again, some new mothers might appreciate the Disney villains instead!

If your favorite new mom prefers Ursula over Ariel, don’t worry. Peoples carries a selection of fine jewellery inspired by Disney Villains, including styles influenced by Maleficent, Captain Hook and the Evil Queen from Snow White.

As far as unique first Mother’s Day gift ideas go, jewellery inspired by her favorite Disney character is sure to be a special and memorable gift.

First Mother’s Day Gift Idea #5: The Kindred Heart from Vera Wang

Does her style lean to a more sophisticated look? You may want to celebrate her first Mother’s Day with a selection from The Kindred Heart from the Vera Wang Love Collection.

Kindred Heart necklaces, earrings and bracelets by Vera Wang Love celebrate how beautiful it is when two people are joined together by love. Now that love includes your first child – so this collection is the perfect way to commemorate her first Mother’s Day!

Like all jewellery styles in the Vera Wang Love Collection, each Kindred heart style is finished with a hidden blue sapphire gemstone. A symbol of faithfulness and love, this gemstone is a sweet message of your affection and ongoing commitment tucked inside a beautiful piece of fine jewellery. You can find the entire collection of Vera Wang Love jewellery exclusively at Peoples.