Make Mom’s Day: Great Gifts For Every Type Of Mom

We all know you can’t buy a Mother’s love – it's given freely and without measure - but you can buy Mom a Mother’s Day gift that speaks to her personal style. This year give Mom a gift that shows you’ve paid attention to her hobbies and interests (aside from YOU, of course), the things she loves and what her daily style looks like. A gift of fine jewellery from Peoples is the perfect way to show Mom you’ve paid attention to her. Here are our takes on fabulous Mother’s Day gifts for every type of Mom – even yours!

The Rookie Mom

The Rookie Mom is seeing her world change right before her eyes, and the experience can be a little scary. Her very first Mother’s Day gift should be special, and a way to tell her you see her, you love her, and you appreciate her. While we have a lot of great gift ideas for the new mom, we can’t help but think that one of the very best Rookie Mom Mother’s Day gifts is a pair of diamond stud earrings. At Peoples you can find a vast selection of classic solitaire studs in a wide range of carat sizes as well as bolder multi-stone styles. Diamond stud earrings are available in sterling silver as well as white, rose and yellow gold. Diamond studs are always stylish, and the Rookie Mom can wear them with ease and feel special and loved – just as she should be.

The Career Mom

She loves you and she loves her career – and she knows how to perfectly balance the two. This Mother’s Day, surprise and delight the Career Mom with a jewellery style she can wear at home and on the job.

Career jewellery should be beautiful and meaningful but not get in the way of mom doing her job. For the Career Mom, we suggest a selection from our Italian Gold collection.

Jewellery designs in the Italian Gold collection have been expertly hand-crafted in Italy using warm and rich 14K yellow, white and rose gold. This collection features exceptional fashion rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets that perfectly complement both business and casual attire. These designs have timeless appeal, and Mom will never have to worry about her Italian gold pieces tarnishing - with simple care they will look brand new for years. Best of all, these pieces feature bold and modern European elegance that will enhance many of the other designs in Mom’s jewellery wardrobe.

The “I Don’t Want Anything” Mom

We’ve all met one of these moms – she may even be your OWN mom! She’s the one who says, “Don’t get me anything” - and you know she doesn’t really mean it.

So, what do you get for the “I Don’t Want Anything” Mom? Flowers and candy might be a traditional choice, but we suggest something a bit more memorable – a family necklace for her to wear every day. Peoples Mother and Family necklaces are beautifully crafted in sleek sterling silver or precious gold. They are specifically designed to be customized with birthstones and often engraving. Peoples carried unique mother and family styles, including hearts, family trees, leaves, keys, crosses and more. These designs are imaginative, stylish and memorable. Every time Mom wears it, she will feel loved and she will feel beautiful.

The Classic Mom

The Classic Mom makes being a Mom look easy (even though we all know it’s one of the hardest jobs, like, ever!). Whatever she’s doing, and whatever the occasion, whether she’s dressed to the nines or fresh out of hot yoga, the Classic Mom always looks pulled together and effortlessly chic.

For the Classic Mom, we suggest a pair of diamond earrings or a diamond necklace from the Endless Brilliance Collection. Each piece in this collection features a centre composite of glistening diamonds, artfully set to enhance sparkle. The styles in this collection are expertly crafted in sleek sterling silver or white, yellow or rose-toned gold, so you’re sure to find a look Mom will love.

A design from the Endless Brilliance Collection is sure to make Mom feel loved, treasured and so special. You can’t go wrong with diamonds for the Classic Mom.

The Hip Mom

The Hip Mom is always up-to-date on the latest and greatest in jewellery fashion. She isn't afraid to experiment with her look and keeps up with the changing trends. You might see Vogue, In Style and Marie Claire on her coffee table, and she’s always the one to make a statement with her accessories.

For the Hip Mom, we suggest a selection from our Trending Earrings Collection. These stunning silver and gold styles feature on-trend drops, geometrics, eye-catching drops, front/back styles and unique climber and mis-matched styles. Many are set with sparkling white or rich enhanced black diamonds or colourful gemstones, including bright purple amethyst, lush green emerald or even brilliant pink or blue sapphire. Mom can mix or match to her heart’s content to create the hip and chic look she’s known for.

The Pet Mom

Some of our favorite moms are Pet Moms – and they deserve a great Mother’s Day gift too.

Just like moms with human children, Pet Moms love to show off their kids. Whether she is a dog mom, a cat mom, or a bunny, turtle, horse, or anything else mom, a pet-themed look is sure to win her heart.

At Peoples Jewellers, you’ll find a variety of pet-themed jewellery that’s been expertly crafted in sleek sterling silver or precious gold. Clever pet-themed icons, like dog bones, paw prints, and cat whiskers, take these designs to the next adorable level. Many of these designs can be personalized with the dog or cat’s name and may even be finished with sparkling diamonds or colourful gemstone accents. If her heart belongs to her four-legged child(ren), a pet-themed jewellery design is sure to delight her this Mother’s Day.

Peoples Jewellers: Styles For EVERY Mom

When it comes to the perfect Mother’s Day gift, you can count on People’s Jewellers. Whether you see your Mom in any of the types we’ve talked about or not, we don’t know of any mom who wouldn’t love a gift of fine jewellery.

So, this Mother’s Day, make mom feel loved and treasured with a Mother’s Day gift from Peoples Jewellers. Stop by your local Peoples Jewellers retail store and shop with a knowledgeable jewelry consultant or shop an expanded assortment of fine jewelry online at Either way, you’re sure to find the most perfect look for the most perfect mom – yours!