Valentine’s Day is the day to share your affection with the ones that mean the most to you. For some, it’s a spouse or partner. For others, it’s a parent or relative. And then there are those just starting fresh in a new relationship or continuing in an evolving one.

Jewellery is a great gift idea at any stage of your relationship – as long as you know your partner well. You wouldn’t go all in on a three-month old relationship, and you wouldn’t give your longtime partner a simple token. Here are our jewellery gift ideas that are designed to complement your relationship at every stage.

Newly Dating/Friendly Dating

You’re just getting to know each other right now. You may still be in the friend zone, but you sort of feel that something could develop. You’re definitely not ready to give her a ring, but something small and sweet would be appropriate. If you don’t want to spend a lot of cash, but still want to give her something nice, consider a pair of sterling silver hoops. You can find a great selection of earrings under $50 at Peoples.

She Could Be The One

You’ve been dating steadily for a while now and things are moving in the right direction. You find that you are missing each other when you’re apart, and you speak to each other like you’ve found “your person.” A heart-shaped pendant or necklace is a great choice for this stage of your relationship. Or give her double the love with a pair of heart-shaped earrings! If you think you may be ready to almost take the next step in your relationship, consider a promise ring. You’ll find hundreds of meaningful promise rings at Peoples, including designer styles in the Cherished Promise Collection.

Engaged or Newly Married

Life is currently full of changes. You’re either planning to get married, or you’ve just finished the deed. Love indeed reigns, and this new stage of your relationship totally reflects that. You want to give each other gifts from the heart, styles that truly mean something to the both of you. For her, a fashion ring or earrings from the Enchanted by Disney Collection will make her feel like a princess. Or you can perfectly express your affection with a design from the Unstoppable Love Collection.

In The Career or Kid Zone

To say you are busy is an understatement! You’ve got your career, you’ve got your kids and, of course, you still have each other! It may be hard to find the time to take a breath and share your affection, but you are still top-of-mind with each other. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to stop and enjoy each other again, if only for one night. Let the babysitter worry about the kids while you concentrate on each other. Let her know she’s still the one with a Kindred Heart necklace from the Vera Wang Love Collection. Or if bling is her thing, a design from the Endless Brilliance Collection features more diamonds for more sparkle, and is an extraordinary choice for the one you love.

Empty Nesters

The kids have finally flown the coop and the two of you are back to living alone again. You’re getting to know each other all over again, having date nights and long conversations, perhaps making plans to travel and do the things you put off for your family. Now is the time to tell her how much you adore her. A three stone ring from the Past, Present Future Collection will speak right to her heart. Or celebrate your love for each other and your love of country with a design from the Arctic Brilliance Collection, which features stunning Canadian-mined diamonds.

Visit Peoples Jewellers First

Peoples Jewellers has been helping people all across Canada express their love for 100 years. And on this Valentine’s Day, as in Valentine’s Days past, we invite you to find the perfect gift of jewellery at Peoples. Feel free to shop online at, or visit your local Peoples Jewellers retail store and speak to a knowledgeable jewellery consultant. However you shop, we are here to make sure you find the perfect piece of jewellery for each and every stage of your relationship. We’ve been here for 100 years. We plan to be here for 100 more.