February Birthstone – The Amazing Amethyst

Everyone loves breath-taking purple amethyst! Whether it’s light, dark, faceted, cabochon or even carved, regal amethyst is a gift of truest love. It may be the birthstone for February, but you don’t have to be an Aquarius or a Pisces to wear this elegant gem. At home in a variety of jewellery options, amethyst has surged in popularity lately. Think you know about amethyst? Read on to learn more about this regal gem.

The Purple Love Stone

Why isn't February, the very month of love, represented by a red gemstone? We think it's because bright purple amethyst is more than stunning enough to celebrate those born in February and its heart-filled holiday.

Speaking of that famous date, it was so named after third-century Saint Valentine of Rome, who lived under Emperor Claudius. He reportedly went from town to town conducting Christian weddings despite the laws prohibiting marriage. It is said that couples would know Saint Valentine because he sported an amethyst ring carved with a likeness of Cupid. He would marry couples in secrecy. Now that’s a romantic amethyst!

Versatile Amethyst In Jewellery

This timeless gemstone - with its clear beauty and magnificent colour – dazzles in traditional and contemporary jewellery designs. Amethyst is the purple gem variety of quartz and is considered its most valuable type. It’s also a reasonably priced jewellery option - particularly when set in sterling silver. However, amethyst looks lovely set in yellow, white and rose gold as well.

Different enough to be represented in two color varieties - true purple amethyst and lighter lilac to more pinkish Rose de France amethyst. This beautiful birthstone perfectly complements other coloured gemstones and diamonds. Rose de France amethyst lends itself to vintage-inspired looks and romantic styles. Both Rose de France amethyst and deeper purple amethyst are especially attractive when set in rose gold.

Amethyst is a brilliant gemstone in vintage-inspired designs or even personalized styles. Amethyst is often used in Mother's jewellery, where simulated amethyst is sometimes also available. Recognizing her children or grandchildren in jewellery is always the way to Mom’s heart!

The History, Meaning and Varieties Of The February Birthstone

Greek mythology says that maiden Amethyst was on her way to pay homage to goddess Diana when she fell prey to tigers sent by angry god Bacchus. Before she could be taken, goddess Diana saved Amethyst by transforming her into a crystal. Reproachful Bacchus poured wine onto the crystal, an offering for his dastardly deed, which turned Amethyst its lovely purple.

Age-old yet always in style, amethyst was also considered a guard from intoxication. From the Latin “amethystos,” amethyst means “against drunkenness.” In Greek, the name Amethyst means jewel. A revered decoration since 25,000 B.C., amethyst has been used in royal and religious display for centuries, sometimes as mourning jewellery and sometimes kept as carved intaglios. Queen Victoria has a suite of amethyst jewellery called the Kent Amethysts.

A cleansing stone, amethyst shields and protects. It is also thought to heal physical ailments - nightmares, insomnia, addiction and work-related stress - and emotional issues, considered ideal for the perpetually anxious and tired.

Amethyst is the stone for the 4th and 6th wedding anniversaries, as it is said to bring abundance.

On the Astrological Zodiac chart, amethyst is the stone of Aquarius and Pisces. It’s also associated with the seventh crown chakra, bringing balance.

When treated with heat, amethyst turns green. This heat-treated version of amethyst is called Prasiolite and is a beautiful gemstone in its own right. Another gemstone variety of amethyst is the bi-color purple and yellow Ametrine. This gemstone occurs naturally when amethyst and citrine comingle, and features zones of color ranging from purple to warm golden yellow.

Care and Keeping Of Your Amethyst Jewelry

Amethyst is mined all over the world, including Canada, and is a popular and abundant stone in historical and current-day jewellery.

Amethyst is durable and readily available. It is a well-priced jewellery option that dresses up or down. Amethyst measures about 7.0 on the Mohs hardness scale. Making it durable enough for everyday wear.

Easy to care for, amethyst should be cleaned with warm water with mild soap. Dry with a soft cloth or a jewellery polishing cloth. Amethyst jewellery should not be subjected to heat and should not be steam cleaned. Store amethyst jewellery apart from your diamonds, pearls and other gemstones, as they may scratch the amethyst, or the amethyst may scratch them.

With proper care and cleaning, your amethyst jewellery will bring joy for years and years!

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