January Birthstone - The Glamorous Garnet

Baby, it's cold outside! But no matter how cold it gets, you’re sure to feel the warmth, beauty and glamour of garnet, January's fiery birthstone. Garnet fights the chill of winter with red-hot brilliance and is at home in a variety of jewellery options. Ready? Let’s talk about all things garnet!

A Gemstone Of Kings, Warriors, Priests - And Rats?

Garnet is mined all over the world - even in Canada - and is a popular and abundant stone often seen in both historical and current-day gemstone jewellery. A bold, powerful and energetic sparkler in all jewellery styles, the garnet gemstone is ages-old, yet never out of style. The name garnet comes many places - from French grenate (dark red), middle English gernet or Latin pomum granatum (pomegranate) or granum (grain). The garnet gemstone is thought to possess therapeutic value and is associated with vitality, protection, and commitment.

Garnets have been used in myriad designs for thousands of years – from jewellery to letter seals and signets, from regal emblems to trade currency and talismans. Also named a conqueror’s or warrior’s stone, garnet reflects a strong sense of security. Coveted by aristocrats and pious figures during the Middle Ages, garnet was used for adornment in crowns, rings, religious artifacts, clothing, and intaglios. It symbolizes faith, truth, royalty, and friendship; holds the spiritual virtues of health, wealth, and happiness; and corresponds with healing related to blood and the heart. It is also thought to aid in alleviating fears and emotional discord.

Garnet is January’s brilliant birthstone and always makes a thoughtful gift. On the Astrological Zodiac chart, garnet is the stone of Aquarians. On the Chinese Zodiac chart, garnet equates to the Year of the Rat. It’s also associated with the first - or root - chakra, offering stability.

Garnet: Not Just The ‘Other’ Red Gemstone

When thinking about red gemstones, your mind probably automatically went to the ruby. Though not always the red stone that immediately comes to mind, garnet is exquisite in its varied and rich tones that range from red, orange, yellow, green, purple, brown, blue, black, pink and colorless, with the reddish shades being most common.

Garnet is also seen in many different varieties and colors, with blood-red almandine garnet being the most popular. You can also find purple-red rhodolite garnet, opaque black melanite garnet, and even bright green tsavorite garnet. In all, there are 17 varieties of garnet found in nature.

With its dreamy red colour, garnet is designated as the gemstone for the second wedding anniversary. Garnet is often used in Mother's jewellery, and symbolizes the child or children born in January. Recognizing the birth month or months of her children or grandchildren in jewellery just for her is a sure way to make Mom happy. And when Mom’s happy, everyone is happy!

On its own as a birthday gift or as part of a personalized or couple’s piece, garnet jewellery truly shines. Of course, garnets also take a well-earned lead in Valentine's Day choices and is prominently represented in our Colours of Love Collection. Even styles in the Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Collection feature the bright gleam of garnet. And, because of its hue, garnet complements jewellery pieces that proudly represent the Canadian maple leaf motif.

Regal red garnets are at home in a variety of jewellery options in an array of styles and sizes – from petite and charming to elegant and bold. Available in round, oval, princess, octagon, cushion, pear and heart cuts – and even as cabochons – garnets appeal to women of all ages. When it comes to garnet gemstone jewelry, you’re sure to find a look to love.

The Care And Keeping Of Your Garnet Jewellery

When you think about what comes in contact daily with your hands, you’ll realize how well garnet jewellery weathers the day’s knocks and bumps. This silicate mineral gemstone is a member of the beryl family and measures about 6.5 to 7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale. This means that durable garnet is ideal for rings and bracelets - accessories that are exposed to the most movement and contact.

Garnet is beautiful, durable and a reasonably priced gemstone jewellery option, so it’s easy to get carried away with jewellery styles that complement casual weekend wear, dressy evening designs, and even your daytime wardrobe. And given that it can take daily wear, it’s also amazing how easy garnet is to care for.

Garnets should be cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner or with warm water and mild soap. They should not be steam cleaned though. Dry your garnet jewelry with a soft cloth or a jewellery polishing cloth. Store your garnet jewellery apart from your diamonds, pearls and other gemstones, as they may scratch the garnet, or the garnet may scratch them.

With proper care and cleaning, your garnet jewellery will last for generations!

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