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Know Your Bracelet Types

It’s a lot of fun to dress up your wrists and ankles with a little — or a lot — of sparkle and shine. Bracelets and anklets are easy-to-wear fashion accessories for everyone. Knowing a bit about the different bracelet types can make it easier to navigate your options as you shop. In any case, you should weigh style against comfort and how they’ll feel when you wear them. Read on to learn more about some of the popular bracelet styles.

Bangles bracelets

Tennis Bracelets

A timeless classic, tennis bracelets are just as elegant as they are versatile. Not only a dazzling piece of jewellery, but the tennis bracelet is also comfortable, so you can wear it casually with your daily attire or dress it up for a night out on the town. Although these bracelets can be adorned with any type of gemstone, the most common choice is the diamond. To create a look that’s both simple and fashion-forward, wear only a single tennis bracelet. However, they also look great when layered with other bracelets and watches. The fact that tennis bracelets can be worn anywhere, anytime, and with any outfit is what makes them a must-have for everyone.

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Bangles bracelets

Bangles & Cuffs

Bangles add sleek style to any outfit with their thin and stackable wearability. They can be found in various metals and textures and can also be adorned i=with gemstones and diamonds for a more elevated look.

Because bangles are round or oval, they fit quite loosely and create an optical illusion of smaller wrists. They look great alone or paired with a wristwatch of the same metal. Of course, it is almost impossible not to incorporate bangles into a bracelet stack so, go ahead and wear more than one at a time.

Cuff bracelets are another top-stack staple. A wide cuff bracelet has a bold, trendy look, while thinner cuff bracelets can be great as an everyday accessory. Like bangles, cuff bracelets are available in a wide variety of metals and textures. Plus, cuff bracelets are a very popular choice because the opening makes it easy to slip on your wrist and can be adjusted for the perfect fit. Best of all, they often have embellished ends that offer eye-catching details when wearing on top of the wrist.

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Bolo bracelets

Bolo Bracelets

Perhaps one of the easiest and most comfortable bracelet types to wear, the bolo bracelet features a slider mechanism that adjusts for a perfect fit on any wrist. So, it’s no surprise that stacks of bolos piled high have been appearing on the wrists of models on runways, movie stars on red carpets, and the pages of fashion blogs and magazines. Stay on-trend and choose a fabulous diamond or gemstone bolo bracelet available in both silver and gold.

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Charm bracelets

Charm Bracelets

Pretty as well as personal, charm bracelets are always popular because the symbols on them reflect the interests and passions of the wearer. There’s no end to the different ways to customize your bracelet, which is what makes each charm so special. Plus, they are versatile! Charms can be removed or switched around so that the bracelet can be changed at any time. If you are drawn to jewellery that allows you to express your unique style and personality, then a charm bracelet is just what you’re looking for.

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Anklets bracelets


Anklets are a chic way to add style to your look. This subtle yet shining accessory can usually be worn whenever the legs or feet are exposed, and you want to draw attention to that area. Anklets come in a wide variety of styles with many different designs to choose from. You can’t go wrong with classic materials like silver and gold, but also consider edgier styles adorned with charms or jewels. Whether you’re looking for a simple chain anklet or an ankle bracelet with various charms, you are sure to find the perfect style to coordinate with any ensemble.

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