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Women's Wedding Band Guide

After the engagement ring comes the wedding band and with the wedding band comes a lifetime of happiness together. Whether you’re planning a big lavish party or a low-key get-together, the wedding band will play a big role in the ceremony—and be with you as you build your lives together.

Wondering how to choose a wedding ring for a woman? We’re here to guide you through your options and help you decide on the wedding band style that makes sense for you.  

How to Pick a Wedding Band for Her

How to Pick a Wedding Band for Her

From the latest trends to lifestyle and budget, there are many considerations that go into finding the best wedding band for her. While some couples choose to coordinate their wedding bands, many would rather choose a ring based on their own personal style. They’ll be the only one wearing the ring, after all.

Traditionally, a wedding band is meant to be worn with an engagement ring. That means, the two rings should fit together, in a style sense and in a practical sense. Since the engagement ring probably has a center stone or a collection of stones, the wedding ring is usually a band that can nestle beside the engagement ring. Some couples opt for a bridal set to ensure the two rings fit together flawlessly.

If you have a very particular style in mind, opting for a custom designed wedding band or bridal set is a great way to get something that you’re sure to love for years to come.

Women's Wedding Band Styles

No matter the route you take, there are plenty of women’s wedding band styles to choose from. In the end, your number one priority should be choosing wedding band you love.  

Here are the features you’ll want to consider as you shop for a wedding band for her. 


You probably already have a wedding budget, and an important part of that is the wedding band cost. Deciding how much you want to set aside for the wedding bands will help you narrow down your options and only look at rings that fit your needs.

If you’re buying the engagement ring and wedding band as a set, you’ll want to decide how much of the total ring budget you’ll be putting toward each. Instead of a strict number, start with a general range and start looking for rings from there.

Band Style 

Your personal style is arguably the most important thing driving your choice in wedding band. In general, the most common styles of wedding bands are: 

  • Metal: Simple and sleek, a plain metal wedding band should match the metal of the engagement ring and nestle in beside it flawlessly.  
  • Pave: A band lined with diamonds in the pattern of your choice, a pave wedding band works with solitaire engagement rings and looks like an extension of the engagement ring. 
  • Eternity: Symbolizing your forever love story, an eternity band features identically sized diamonds encircling the entire ring. 
  • Contour: With a gentle curve, a contour band is designed to fit snugly above or below the engagement ring.  


If you’ve already chosen your engagement ring, the choice of metal for the wedding band should be easy. Most brides choose matching metals to ensure the two rings can be worn together as a set.  

  • Yellow Gold: Classic and vintage inspired. 
  • White Gold: Timeless and versatile paired with diamonds or coloured gemstones. 
  • Rose Gold: Trendy and romantic with a unique flair. 
  • Sterling Silver: Affordable and hypoallergenic. 
  • Platinum: The most coveted wedding band metal for a high-end look that complements any gemstone.   


Diamonds aren’t the end-all and be-all when it comes to engagement rings and wedding bands. Colored gemstones like sapphires, emeralds, rubies and pearls are also growing in popularity. When it comes to wedding band, choosing a birthstone or a favorite gemstone can be a nice alternative to a diamond engagement ring.


If you already have an engagement ring, the size for your wedding band should be the same. The general guideline is to choose a size that slides easily over your knuckle and fits on your finger snugly. You don’t want it moving around too much or being so loose that it will slip off. Standard fit has a flat interior and should fit flush against your skin while comfort fit is curved which allows it to slide on and off more easily.

Our ring size guide can help you narrow down the size. From there, it’s all about preference so don’t be afraid to try on rings until you find the right size for you.

When to Buy a Woman’s Wedding Band

There a few different ways to approach choosing a wedding band for the bride. Some couples choose to purchase the engagement ring and wedding band as a set to save money and ensure the styles fit well together. Others choose to wait and purchase both partners’ wedding bands as a set.

Whatever you choose, make sure to give yourself plenty of time between ordering the wedding bands and the wedding date in case you need to resize or make any other changes, like engraving. The last thing you want is to be at the altar without a wedding band.

Caring for Your Wedding Band

Your wedding band is going to be with you for decades to come so it’s important to take good care of it. That means proper storage, cleaning and repairs when needed.

Just like your engagement ring, try to take your wedding band off before putting on creams and lotions, don’t wear it when you’re doing yard work or other hands-on tasks and do bring it in for repairs when needed. Learn more about caring for your jewellery.

Ready to find the wedding band of your dreams? Peoples has wedding bands for women in a variety of different styles.