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Service Plans

Now you can protect your fine jewellery purchase with the Lifetime Jewellery Protection Plan, Two Year Fine Watch Protection Plan or Extended Service Agreement. These Service Plans are available for purchase in-store.

Lifetime Jewelry Protection Plan

What is covered?

Peoples Jewellers offers a lifetime service program which guarantees any necessary repairs for your fine jewellery purchase under normal conditions for the lifetime of your jewellery. The Lifetime Jewellery Protection Plan covers the following repairs and services:

  • Any prong or mounting
  • Re-tipping of prongs
  • Replacement of damaged earring backs
  • Sizing
  • Damaged mountings
  • Spring rings on gold chains and bracelets
  • Refinishing
  • Polishing
  • Stone tightening
  • Chain and bracelet soldering
  • Cultured pearl restringing
  • Replacement of lost or chipped gemstones and diamonds

The Lifetime Jewellery Protection Plan covers all jewellery bought at Peoples Jewellers, excluding watches. This service is non-transferable, and does not cover theft, mysterious disappearance, loss or damage other than that incurred in normal wear.

The Lifetime Jewellery Protection Plan covers only the merchandise for which plan was purchased. Diamonds covered by the Lifetime Diamond Commitment must have semiannual inspections as stated in the Diamond Commitment. Please retain your plan brochure and sales receipt as proof of purchase.

The Lifetime Jewellery Protection Plan is available for purchase in-store.

Two Year Fine Watch Protection Plan

What is covered?

The SSP Two Year Fine Watch Protection Plan (Plan) will provide the following repairs or replacement necessary to maintain your fine watch under normal conditions. The Plan covers parts used and labor performed in making the repairs necessary as a result of damage due to normal wear and tear or a manufacturing defect in materials or workmanship, including:

  • Replacement of damaged crystal, crown, stem, band or bracelet that impede the functionality of the watch (Components)
  • Repair of mechanical or electrical failure of the Watch movement

This Plan covers Watch damage due to normal wear and tear or a manufacturing defect in materials or workmanship and does not extend to damage due to causes beyond our control, including any unauthorized alterations made by you to the Watch, abuse or acts of God. This Plan does not cover the Watch case, finishes, or any damage caused by accidental abuse and damage resulting from wear under conditions exceeding the Watch manufacturer’s water resistance limitations. This Plan also excludes damage caused by defective batteries. Service under this Plan is valid only through SPP. This Plan does not cover loss for any reason, including by theft or mysterious disappearance. If you purchase this Plan after you purchase the Watch, this Plan will not cover preexisting conditions in the Watch that occurred after you purchased the Watch and prior to the effective date of this Plan.

The Two Year Fine Watch Protection Plan is available for purchase in-store.

Extended Service Agreement

What is covered?

The Extended Service Agreement (herein, ESA) provides a one-time replacement in the event that your jewellery purchase is defective under normal use or due to a manufacturing defect during the first calendar year after the purchase of your jewellery.

Terms and Conditions

This Plan is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • The ESA only covers product damage under normal conditions or due to a manufacturing defect. The ESA does not cover any costs, expenses or damages not specifically set forth herein, including indirect or consequential damages.
  • Only one item is covered per ESA.
  • The ESA cannot be renewed.
  • The ESA is only valid if the product’s original receipt is attached.
  • The ESA covers replacements only, not repairs. There is no deductible. If the same item is not available as replacement, the ESA holder may select an item of equal or lesser value and/or a gift card.
  • The ESA terminates upon providing a replacement under the terms of this Agreement.
  • The ESA can be returned for a full refund within sixty (60) days of purchase or within sixty (60) days from receipt of this Plan, whichever occurs later, if you have not made a claim. Any refund not provided within forty-five (45) days will include a 10% penalty.
  • In the event you cancel the ESA within sixty (60) days, you are entitled to a full refund.

The Extended Service Agreement is available for purchase in-store.