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Your Guide to Necklace Lengths

When shopping for necklaces, you will notice there are not only a wide variety of styles but also a wide variety of lengths to choose from. If you’re buying online, it can be difficult to visualize how a necklace might look. Our guide and necklace length chart are here to help you find the right necklace length for you.
necklaces lengths guide

How to Choose the Right Necklace Length

A necklace should be a complement to your outfit, and the length of the chain is one of the most important things to get right. While there are plenty of necklaces and chain lengths available for both men and women, what looks great on one person may not look right on another.

Whether you’re looking to add another layer to your everyday stack or need a necklace that will make a statement all on its own, several factors contribute to the way a necklace or chain looks on you.

Height: Long, heavy chains can look overwhelming on shorter people. The length of your torso can also impact where a necklace falls and how it fits with your outfit.

Face shape: Chokers and shorter chains can help balance out a thin face, while longer chains can help elongate and draw attention away from rounder faces.

Circumference of your neck: The same-length necklace will hit a slightly different place depending on how wide your neck is. That’s why the popular lengths for men’s and women’s necklaces are different.

Neckline: The cut of your top plays a large part in what length necklace looks best. A V-neck might look better with shorter chains while a crew neck can accommodate a range of lengths.

Outfit: If you’re wearing a print such as stripes or floral, you might want to avoid long chains that will cut across the patterns of your outfit.

The stack as a whole: If you’re experimenting with the layered necklace trend, choosing varying lengths that work well together is important to make sure the look is cohesive.

Necklace Lengths for Women

When it comes to necklace styles for women, the sky is the limit. Some styles can come in a variety of different lengths, and the right choice for you depends on the look you’re going for. Learn more about the most popular necklace lengths for women and how to incorporate them into your stack with our handy necklace length chart.

14-inch necklaces Often called a choker, this style of necklace generally sits tightly around the neck. Since it sits up high on the neck, a choker looks best with tops and dresses with an open neckline that leaves the neck and upper chest bare such as sweetheart, strapless, V-necks, square and scoop necks.

16-inch necklaces This style of necklace typically sits around the base of a person’s throat. These necklaces are worn near your clavicle. An off-the-shoulder neckline can be a striking choice to pair with a 16-inch necklace.

18-inch necklaces The most common length for a necklace, the Princess length falls just below the collarbone. This length is versatile enough to pair well with most necklines. Keep your overall look in mind, especially if you’re including this length in a layered necklace look.

20 - 24-inch necklaces Known as a Matinee length, these necklaces generally rest between the collarbone and bust area, depending on length. They are another good option to incorporate into a layered look and can work with a variety of different necklines.

24 - 30-inch necklaces Also known as Opera length, these necklaces rest on the bust or just below, depending on body type. Often included as part of a stack, this length can work with most necklines.

36 - 42-inch necklaces Among the longest necklace lengths, a rope necklace can be doubled or worn as is to fall just below the center of the bust area or even down to the navel. They are often incorporated into layered look for a dramatic look. "

Necklace Lengths for Men

While there are fewer necklace length options for men, these common length choices will work with just about any attire. Find the best chain length and type of chain for your sense of style—and don’t be afraid to experiment!

18-inch necklaces The smallest men's necklace length, these tend to rest at the base of the neck on a smaller-framed man. This length works best with V-necks or shirts with the first couple of buttons left undone.

20-inch necklaces The most common men's necklace length, this style sits at or just below the collarbone area, generally between the top two buttons on a shirt. They can also pair well on top of a turtleneck.

22-inch necklaces This necklace length sits a few inches below the collarbone, making it ideal for pendants. They work well with crew necks, V-necks, turtlenecks, and button-downs with an open collar.

24-inch necklaces The longest men's length, this style sits above the sternum area. Both a simple chain and a pendant style can work with this length, depending on your neckline.